Sunday, April 20, 2008

More on Patent Revenue and Distribution

Last week, Peter Detkin, founder and Vice-Chairman of Intellectual Ventures (IV) was quoted as saying that small inventors only received the "crumbs" when it came to patent licensing revenue. Apparently, this statistic was generated by IV, but has been picked up from the likes of Acacia Research, which claims in this presentation from March 2008 that only 1% of patent revenue and distribution is received by small companies, individual inventors, universities and research labs.

Citing an earlier Deliotte & Touche study, The Acacia presentation breaks down patent licensing for some of the biggest players:

- Qualcomm = $2B/year licensing CDMA patents (89% margins)

- IBM = $1.5-2B/year

- Philips Electronics = $570M/Year (100% of earnings for Consumer Electronics Business)

- Thomson = $390M/year (75% of total earnings)

2 Comentários:

Unknown said...

I struggle to believe it’s 1%, but even at 4-5% inventors are still being screwed in my opinion

Anonymous said...

The link to the Acacia presentation was broken for me.

I believe the IBM numbers are greatly inflated, as they seem to include technology transfer revenue in their numbers, not just pure patent licensing revenue from otherwise infringing parties. They have great patents, but they have great revenue also, and that exposure tends to decrease your pure licensing revenue...but if you have something more to offer (as IBM does), you can drive your "licensing" revenue numbers back up.

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