Monday, October 22, 2007

Patent Cafe Claims First Software to Deal With ESD Requirements

PatentCafe, which specializes in Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) patent search engine technology and patent management tools, announced recently the availability of the Beta Version of, which claims to be "the first of its kind integrated search and report workflow software."

According to Patent Cafe: is a robust ESD report workflow application, unique in that the software also incorporates PatentCafe’s international patent database. The integrated patent search engine uses artificial intelligence to reliably speed the classification of each patent claim, and to instantly identify the “most closely related” patent prior art.

“PatentCafe’s advanced LSA technology cuts search time by almost 40%, and using artificial intelligence, it identifies non-obvious, but closely related prior art that keyword search engines can’t find. This is especially important following the Supreme Court’s ‘obviousness’ ruling in KSR v. Teleflex,” PatentCafe’s CEO Andy Gibbs said.

PatentCafe’s new ESD report workflow makes it nearly impossible to miss a step in a complicated patent search and report preparation process.

See press release here (link)

Go to Patent Cafe's website here (link)

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Anonymous said...

On my trip to San Francisco, I met an ex-employee of PatentCafe and we started discussing the 37CFR software. I was not able to get enough details on how it worked but it seems like it would get the job done.

The interesting part of our conversation was actually about the company itself, how it got started and how the idea all came about. I am not sure who works on the software now as I was told every original team member has left the company and there has been a lot of turn around and internal turmoil amongst team members.

I would be cautious trying out software from a company that no longer has a core team supporting the software.


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