Friday, December 28, 2007

Leahy, Hatch Address Patent Reform Act for 2008

On December 18, Senators Patrick Leahy and Orrin Hatch briefly addressed the Senate version (S. 1145) of the Patent Reform Act during a floor speech. While the speeches were not very detailed, they suggested two things - (1) the Senate wants to move as quickly as possible on the Patent Refrom Act, and (2) the pending legislation will have numerous changes before it is put up for a vote.

From the speeches:

LEAHY: In July, after several extensive and substantive markup sessions, the Senate Judiciary Committee reported S. 1145 favorably and on a clear and strong bipartisan vote. In the course of our committee deliberations, a great many changes were made to improve and perfect the bill. These improvements included changes on the key issues of enhancing patent quality, clarifying rules on infringement and compensation of inventors, and improving the ability of the Patent and Trademark Office to do its job well.

HATCH: [T]he current law has not seen a major revision since 1952. Much has changed since then. The courts have struggled valiantly to interpret the law in ways that make sense in light of change. but that piecemeal process has left many areas unclear and some areas of the law out of balance. So action by the Congress is needed, and needed urgently.

LEAHY: I agree with my distinguished colleague that now is the time to enact patent reform, and we are in good company in that belief. Our leadership has committed to taking up S. 1145 as early in the new year as possible, and we commend that commitment. I fully recognize that when the bill was reported by the Judiciary Committee, a number of members expressed a strong view that the bill should be further perfected before it comes to a vote on the floor of the Senate. I made a commitment to the members of the Judiciary Committee at the markup that I would work closely with each of them, and other Members of the Senate, to make further improvements in the bill. I reaffirm that commitment.

View the complete transcript here (link)

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I updated the link to GovTrack - apparently Thomas doesn't like to keep the links for more than an hour . . .

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