Wednesday, August 06, 2008

USPTO: Say Goodbye To Facsimile Submissions

The PTO is proposing to revise the rules of practice to limit the types of correspondence that may be submitted to the Office by facsimile. From the latest Federal Register:

[T]he Office believes that given: (1) The costs and quality concerns regarding facsimile transmitted correspondence; and (2) the newly upgraded EFS–Web electronic filing system, which offers the same benefit of quick submission to the particular area of the Office that needs to act on the correspondence, it is now appropriate to terminate the use of facsimile transmissions as a method for filing most correspondence intended to become part of the file record of a patent application, patent or reexamination proceeding. Specifically, correspondence that can be submitted via EFS–Web would no longer be accepted via facsimile transmission.
Also, the PTO is proposing a standardized font for all submissions:

[I]t is proposed to: (1) Increase the mandatory minimum font size where the font must have capital letters no smaller than 0.28 cm (0.11 inch) high (e.g., a font size of 12 point in Times New Roman); (2) establish that the newly proposed font size requirement applies to prosecution papers (specification, including the claims and abstract, drawings, and oath or declaration, reexamination request, any amendments or correction(s)) and any remarks, petitions, requests, affidavits or other papers submitted during prosecution of an application or a reexamination proceeding.
Read the entire notice here (link)

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