Thursday, April 23, 2009

BusinessWeek: Cities Yielding the Most Valuable U.S. Patents

Ocean Tomo, which is in the business of valuing patents, was asked by Business Week to cross reference their patent valuation database with the addresses of the first-listed patent holders to determine "the world's most inventive cities." Here are the results:

(1) San Francisco/Silicon Valley
(2) Tokyo
(3) Boston
(4) Los Angeles
(5) San Diego
(6) Minneapolis/St. Paul
(7) Boise
(8) Seattle
(9) Portland
(10) Houston
(11) New York
(12) Osaka (JP)
(13) Washington DC
(14) Philadelphia
(15) Hokkaido (JP)
(16) Kyushu (JP)
(17) Chicago
(18) Dallas/Ft. Worth
(19) Denver/Boulder
(20) Kita Kanto (JP)
(21) Austin
(22) Seoul (KR)
(23) Nagoya (JP
(24) New Haven
(25) Hokuriku (JP)

See "Cities That Yield the Most Valuable Patents" (link)

3 Comentários:

Patent & Trademark Attorney said...

Boston is number 3? I never would have guessed it'd be so high above New York.

Marco said...

Very high biotech, pharma and robo industries in MA.

Katie said...

It would be interesting to see the related industries for this list.

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