Friday, October 01, 2004

INTERESTING WORK BEING DONE BY FOUNDATIONIP: FoundationIP is discovering missing files as they implement their comPAIR module. comPAIR is the first tool of its kind -- it employs rules-based intelligence to verify information in the US Patent and Trademark Office against an organization's system and vice versa. The module has discovered not only the expected errors, but has also alerted users to missing files.

According to Leon Steinberg, CEO of FoundationIP, "Our system was designed to identify data inconsistencies between the USPTO and the law firm system. We do not just verify a firm's information against the USPTO, we also do it the other way around. This is a subtle, but hugely important difference. By verifying the USPTO information against firm information, we discover information that the USPTO has that the law firm does not. Finding such information is very scary for a firm, because it means that no one is watching the dates associated with these files. In other words, it is malpractice waiting to happen."

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