Friday, January 14, 2005

BEATING A DEAD ONE-CLICK PATENT: I wonder when practitioners will stop using Amazon's "one-click patent" as the default whipping post when dumping on the USPTO. It seems any article that criticizes the US patent system can't be written with at least ONE reference to the aforementioned patent. And enough with the "silly patent" stuff - sure it may be silly, but silliness is never a bar to patentability. In fact, it appears that the patent is still alive and kicking. Since it's been almost 5 years since the patent started making the rounds, you'd figure someone would have invalidated it by now, assuming that the patent is as obvious as everyone says it is.

Anyways, the patent is being dragged around again by people in the US who appear to have a sympathetic eye towards the nonsense going on in the EU with regard to software patents. Enough already.

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