Monday, March 07, 2005

ON TO THE EU PARLIMENT: (CNet) The EU Council has finally approved a proposal on software patents, despite opposition from numerous software developers and some European countries.

The European Council adopted the software patent directive on Monday, despite requests from Denmark, Poland and Portugal to reject the directive.

An EU Council representative said Monday morning that the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive had been adopted but was unable to give more details.

As it now stands, the directive would legalize software patents. Supporters say the directive would protect research and development investments by European companies. Opponents say it would stifle innovation.

Last week, it was reported that Denmark would attempt to have the directive listed as a B-item, rather than an A-item, allowing the text to be renegotiated.

The Luxembourg minister acknowledged that Denmark, Poland and Portugal would have preferred the directive to be listed as a B-item, according to Mueller. The directive now moves to the European Parliament, which can reject or amend the proposal, for a second reading.

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