Tuesday, May 03, 2005

IP AN ELECTION ISSUE? IN THE UK IT IS . . . Two days before the UK's general election, UKIP (UK Independence Party - not UK Intellectual Property ;)) attacked rival political parties for failing to understand the software patent issue, and the damage it claims they could cause.

An emailed statement said: "Software patents stifle innovation, unfairly favour big business, and curtail the rights and freedoms of individual computer programmers. Software patents can be used a tool to restrict freedom of ideas and freedom of expression. As a strong supporter of civil liberties and freedom of speech, this party could never support the introduction of such measures."

Some other notable nuggets from the UKIP include:

"All three major UK political parties have yet to make a stand against the introduction of software patents. They're asleep on the job as our liberties trickle away."

"If the legislation is passed, the only way to prevent the introduction of software patents in the UK would be to leave the European Union — a course of action that only UKIP favours."

Just where do they find these nut jobs in the EU to speak on software patenting issues anyways? Well, at least they didn't feel the compulsion to mention the one-click-patent, like every other article on software patents does . . .

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Anonymous said...

UKIP argues that software patent protection would favor big business, whereas in this country, Microsoft and other large software companies constantly battle patent infringement of patents owned by smaller companies and individual inventors. The UKIP should take a look at what's going on across the puddle (Atlantic ocean). Patents protect innovation, not stifle it.


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