Tuesday, August 30, 2005

RFID PATENT PORTAL ANNOUNCED: Swiss economic intelligence monitor CentreDoc has announced an RFID patent-watching online portal called 'RFID Patents', which focuses on new developments in RFID technology patents and intellectual property.

CentreDoc carried out a survey of firms in the RFID sector to determine their requirements in terms of technological information and, more particularly, patents. This survey resulted in the launch of the RFID Patents portal, which is intended to provide regular and pertinent information to industry players.

As the number of RFID patents increase (65% over the last 4 years), CentreDoc has set up the portal to monitor RFID patenting activity including bibliographical data, a summary, and the complete text of new patent applications relating both to tag technology and to that of readers and their applications. A search engine is provided to find the filed documents. Its coverage will extend to American, European and other global (PCT) patent applications.

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Anonymous said...

FYI: "Zen" likely refers to the Creative "Zen" music player, which is Creative's version of the iPod.

Anonymous said...

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