Monday, September 11, 2006

Ocean Tomo Showcases Patents Offered for October 25-26 Auction

In preparation for Ocean Tomo's "Fall 2006 Live Intellectual Property Auction," to be held on October 25-26 in New York City, numerous lots of patents are being promoted in an effort to create interest in the auction (for a FAQ on the auction, click here).

IP selected from over 3,500 submissions will be placed on the auction block for buying from the general public. Sellers in the auction include IBM, Motorola, 3Com Corporation, Agere Systems Inc., AIG, BellSouth, CREE, Dow Agro Sciences and Eastman Chemical, as well as small to mid-sized companies, investment firms and notable professional inventors.

Currently, Ocean Tomo lists 65 lots of IP, subdivided into the following categories:

  • Consumer Products/Consumer Electronics
  • Financial Services
  • Display Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Manufacturing/Logistics
  • Digital Media/Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Location Based Applications
  • Medical/Life Sciences/Telemedicine
  • Applied Sciences
  • Semiconductor/MEMS/Memory
  • Internet/Web Services
  • Trademarks/Brands/Domain Names
  • Master Recordings/Copyrights
Some notable patents include:

U.S. Patent Number 5,699,527, entitled "Method and System for Processing a Loan." Filed in 1995, during the early days of online commerce, the patent discloses systems and methods for the execution of electronic and online loan applications, loan processing and real-time monitoring. The systems and methods disclosed increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of loan processing by financial institutions by automating and streamlining the loan application process. This patented technology allows a loan application to be processed, monitored and ensured of regulatory compliance, while minimizing the amount of physical paperwork and manual interaction previously necessitated in loan processing (see more information here).

US Patent Number 5,486,998, entitled "Process Stabilizing Process Controller." The patent alleges to have an early priority (1993) in the field of artificial intelligence. The patent pertains to manufacturers using volatile materials, including, those in the Semiconductor, Automotive and Chemical industries. Ocean Tomo claims the technology disclosed in the '998 Patent may be used by any manufacturing company striving to maintain safety and quality, as well as any company needing to monitor the interaction of volatile materials with environmental changes.

US Patent Numbers 4,890,320 and 4,995,078, both entitled "Television Broadcast System for Selective Transmission of Viewer-Chosen Programs at Viewer- Requested Times." These two patents claim an early priority in the field of Video-On-Demand ("VOD"), and disclose systems and methods where a central location holds a collection of preferred programs which are available for transmission to a private television upon user request (for more information, see here).

Other listing include patents on media image indexing, UV sterilization, and patents on cordless phone technology owned by Agere.

Last, but not least, Ocean Tomo will be auctioning the copyright and an original reel-to-reel recording of a never-before-released Jimi Hendrix song, the master recording rights to 33 songs recorded by Hendrix in conjunction with Curtis Knight, and the rights, title and interest in the entire Jimi Hendrix music catalog as claimed by the estate of Michael Frank Jeffery.

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