Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Funny

The Techknowledgy Blog posted this side-splitter on domain names, and the care that must be given in reconciling the plain-English name with the domain name when organizing a web site: anyone? How about These are but a few of the unintentional bad domain names floating around out there these days. We've all heard horror stories about some company painstakingly picking the perfect name for a product, only to find out that the term they so carefully chose actually means "goat boogers" in many of the countries where they intend to market their wares. Well, a similar thing can happen with domain names. Consider the first two listed, which are legitimate sites for Speed of Art and Pen Island respectively. There are more.

Consider a site called "Who Represents" where you can find out who Tom Cruise's agent is: (its his sister). Or you can visit if you are looking for a good - get this - therapist (what were you thinking!). Believe it or not, will take you to the site of Mole Station Native Nursery from Australia. My kids got a kick out of . . . Finally, if you're planning for a holiday at the lake, you will definitely want to visit

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