Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Post - Ringtones from the USPTO

The USPTO's website has a "Kids' Pages" section that contains a collection of sounds filed under a "Trademark Soundex." It's a collection of trademarked sounds in MP3 and WAV formats. According to some readers, the site makes for a good source of ringtones for your cell phone.

Those of you interested in an annoyance factor for your ring tone, the early favorites are the Beneficial Insurance jingle ("at Beneficial - toot! toot! - you're good for more...") and Mattress Discounters ("have a good night's sleep on . . . Mattress Discounters!"). Commented one person: "after hearing it 3-4 times, I feel I want to punch something . . ."

To view the sounds, click here (link).

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Anonymous said...

Ringtones here is an application which allows you to combine your voice with music and sound clips to create ringtones that are genuinely original. They are totally free. Create as many as you like and share with friends, send to your phone, or post on the web.


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