Friday, November 04, 2005

FRIDAY FUNNY: I usually consider it bad form to make fun of pro se applicants at the USPTO (why kick someone when they're down?), but I couldn't resist posting on the claims in this patent application, and especially claim 4:

1. I claim any and all rights to the Red Diamond Gaming Table
2. I claim any and all rights to the use of the Red Diamond Gaming Table

3. I claim that I am the sole inventor of the Red Diamond Game Table 4

4. I claim that there has never been a game like it

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Zura:
Not sure why my being a pro se inventor has anything to do with anything. I'm an experienced patent agent, with a J.D. from Georgetown, and don't expect that you are significantly more skilled at writing patent applications than I am. As you should know, storyline patents, whether or not you like the idea, are being taken seriously by the patent world.
Andrew Knight

Anonymous said...

Oops. I see that this comment was not directed at my patent application.

Comment recalled. ; )


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