Wednesday, November 23, 2005

USPTO REPORTS RECORD AMOUNT OF PATENT APPLICATIONS RECEIVED IN FY '05: In 2005, the USPTO received the most patent and trademark applications it has every received in one year, according to the agency’s Performance and Accountability Report released last week.

Last year the agency received 406,302 patent applications and 323,501 applications for trademark registration, according to the 156-page report.

The USPTO granted 165,485 patents, including 151,079 utility (inventions), 13,395 design, and 816 plant patents. Since 1790, more than seven million U.S. patents have been granted.

U.S. resident inventors received 85,238 U.S. patents in FY 2005.

California resident inventors received the highest share (23 percent, 19,928 patents), followed by New York (7 percent, 5,631 patents), Texas (7 percent, 5,660 patents), Michigan (5 percent, 3,907 patents), and Massachusetts (4 percent, 3,443 patents).

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Peter. It is really interesting to read your Blog.

I am a potential patent practitioner in P.R. China. But right now i am working in the US after I acquired my law degree from a US law school.

For the purpose of comparasion, i found the published statistic for the record amount of patent applications received in P.R. China in FY 2005.

Here is the data:

The PTO received 368,757 patent applications during January 2005 to October 2005, including 136,146 invention, 109,087 utility,and 123,524 design.

P.R. China resident inventors received 292,946 P.R.China patents in FY 2005.

Keeping update your posts. I will be one of your readers.



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