Thursday, April 14, 2005

NOKIA TAKES LICENSE FROM ACACIA: Acacia Research Corporation announced today that VData, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary that is part of the Acacia Technologies group, has entered into a license with Nokia Corporation covering a portfolio of patents that apply to certain multi-dimensional bar codes.

"Nokia is our first licensee of this multi-dimensional bar code technology, which represents a significant licensing opportunity for our company. Multi-dimensional bar code technologies are gaining widespread use because more information can be contained in the codes than with ordinary bar codes. In addition, multi-dimensional bar codes can be used in smaller items such as integrated circuits and microprocessors," commented Paul Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Acacia. "We have now begun generating revenues from four new patent portfolios since the beginning of the year, as we continue to expand our revenue base," concluded Mr. Ryan.

The multi-dimensional bar code technology generally relates to encoding and reading a data matrix consisting of an array of data cells with a border. The data matrix can contain a variety, amount, and depth of information that would not fit on to an ordinary bar code. This patented technology can have many applications in the manufacturing, distribution, operations, accounting, and security industries such as tracking the movement of products, collection of data, improved production capabilities and anti-counterfeiting.

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